Monster Spray.

Motherhood can send you to places you never dreamt you should or would ever go. This is why we should probably not judge other people. I’m making a conscious effort to be less judgy of my fellow moms. As far as the rest of the world … they are still fair game.

ONE is convinced that monsters are in his room. Specifically, they live behind his curtains. I have tried everything to convince him that:

1. Monsters do not exist.

2. No monsters live in our house.

3. His room is safe.

But NOTHING is working. I dread bedtime. It sucks. No, really. IT SUUUUUUCKS.

I now understand how people end up with children sleeping in their bed, or why parents are willing to lay with their kids until they go to sleep. I am so desperate for bedtime to not be a horrible experience that I am willing to do almost anything at this point. Well, except letting him sleep outside of his room.

The thing is, I know that if we start doing stuff now like letting him sleep with us, he will continue for a very long time. I personally can’t handle the mere thought of having kids in my bed. That is MY BED. I need some space. I have to draw a line somewhere. For approximately 18 hours a day, I have a child attached to me or crying for me. I NEED TIME AWAY FROM THEM.

And so, I decided to try “monster spray.” If he can’t be convinced that they aren’t real, maybe I can convince him that I “sprayed” them away.

Am I enabling his fears?


I can’t think clearly anymore at this point. I am simply tired of feeling like a terrible mother who abandons her son in his super-scary (his words, not mine) room every night and makes him stay in there. No nightlight, flashlight, lamp or stuffed animal is making it any better. 

Let’s see what a defaced bottle of Febreze will do. And, if this doesn’t work … I always have this book to fall back on.

Now that, my friends, is funny.

4 thoughts on “Monster Spray.

  1. If it makes you feel better, my son (2) is afraid of owls coming into our house. (I have no clue where it came from.) He will be walking and all the sudden stop and start screaming that the owls are in the house. I have told him a million times that owls can not get in our house, but it doesn't work. So I resorted to telling him when he hears “whoo-whoo” to just say “boo-boo” to the owls and they will leave. So now, he runs around the house saying “boo-boo” to all the pretend owls. I don't think its enabling fears, but rather showing them to think outside the box to face the “fears.” BTW…When my husband was a child, his parents had to sing a song and do a dance every night at bedtime to scare away the monsters. They say it helped, but that he then demanded it nightly for years. LOL


  2. We are using the 'star system'…it's more like flower stickers, but you get my drift. I have this cute little chart and every night that my daughter goes to bed 'like a big girl', she gets to put a sticker on the chart. She proudly will tell you that daddy gave her Mickey for 5 nights of going to bed like a big girl. The first time after 5 stickers, we went to the frozen yogurt shop & let her pick out all her toppings & eat her heart out. Then, we tried to make it a little harder…she wanted a Minnie Mouse, so we said 7 nights. It finally happened. Now, she is asking for Goofy…but it's getting harder b/c we have got to keep her interested. So, we are trying to come up with smaller treats (cheaper) for less nights. Would that work for Maverick? Does he have a nightlight?


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