Today …

Today I found an old diaper wedged in the cargo rack of our truck. I wager it’s been there for about one week. And thanks to the freeze last night, it crunched when I tried to pull it out.

Today I came to the realization that I have not mastered the art of taking photos in a mirror. How do people do that without looking like idiots? Oh … wait. It’s always kind of idiotic. But clearly I won’t be judging anyone.

Here we are, me and TWO in our jammies. He cried a lot today.

Has anyone else experienced the phenomenon of a three-month-old trying to climb out of their carrier? Mine constantly digs his bony little feet and/or knees into my stomach in what appears to be an attempt to get out. 

He doesn’t cry in it, though. So I’ll deal with the feet and knee digs. After all, my stomach is so squishy, it’s not like I can blame him for digging deeper into the pillowy softness.

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