A New Year.

I am so disoriented.

Somehow the holidays have come and gone. The tree is down. It’s 2012. The past year has been a total blur. That’s what sleep deprivation and two little boys will do to a person.

Husband and I did absolutely NOTHING for New Year’s Eve, and I didn’t mind. Last year we went all out — fancy club, dancing, band, champagne, crazy-high heels (me, not him) — and it was awesome, but this year all I wanted to do was have some wine and go to bed early.

I make no apologies for this. I am 32 and just had my second child. I only pull that out when I’m feeling extra fat or extra tired.

I hope that this year brings good things. We have big plans for our family. It’s a time of TRANSITION. I accept that we have no money because I just quit my good-paying job to stay home with our kids. I accept that we will probably end up cutting off our cable, downgrading our phone plan and after I use the salon gift certificate my sweet aunt Nancy gave me for my birthday, I likely won’t be able to afford to go back.

I accept that I might have horrible hair in 2012. I may have to use … box dye. I accept that I will have to coupon which makes me itch just thinking about it. 

But. I resolve to remember WHY I am using dye out of a box and a coupon for Cover Girl makeup. It’s because I am privileged enough to have a husband who believes I can raise our sons without losing my shit. And I believe he can support us without losing HIS. 

I resolve to appreciate him every day. I resolve to be sweet to my children. I resolve to starve myself back into my old wardrobe. And invest in a cute hat to hide my box-dyed hair.

See how ONE and TWO are holding hands? That is why I am fine with having bad hair.


3 thoughts on “A New Year.

  1. I still work, but now it's freelance and definitely less than I made before. I LOVE couponing. I can totally give you some tips if you want. It's overwhelming at first, but it's awesome once you see the savings. Even if I made a ton of money I wouldn't go back to paying full price when I can get food for pennies.


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