This year the holidays, the kids, the pregnancy, and life in general, have kind of overwhelmed me. And the idea of having to resolve to do another thing on top of what I’m already doing made me not want to get out of bed this morning … so

I resolve to do the following in 2013:

1. I will have a healthy baby. It will be my last.

2. I will ignore the people who continue to tell me Boy … you’re going to have your hands full when that baby gets here.” YES, I KNOW. I have days when I’m not sure my hands can hold ONE MORE THING and I think to myself, “WHY ARE WE HAVING ANOTHER KID?!Pointing it out is supremely unhelpful. Do you know what is helpful? For someone to say You’re going to do great.” Because I am. I got this.

3. I will remind myself that I got this. Whatever “this” happens to be at the time.

4. I will not forget that my Husband comes first. He has been in my life for almost 10 years and without him I would have none of the things that bring me insurmountable joy.

5. I will have fun in the face of chaos, clutter, disaster, and endless messes.

There will be no resolutions to bake more bread (I have never baked bread in my life) or learn a new skill (like knitting, which I failed miserably at) this year. I will not be crafting. I will not be sewing. I will not be gardening. 2013 will be all about survival. 



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