I Love Yo.

Yes … it says I love yo. He ran out of room — the u is on the back. My 4-year-old doesn’t know how to read yet. Thankfully. This may sound strange, but I dread the day that kid can read over my shoulder. An awful lot of texts leave this house that are not kid-appropriate, and I don’t want to have to explain myself to my overly-inquisitive child.

Anway, he asked me how to write I love you and rather than repeat “I-L-O-V … no, I said ‘I,’ yes, now write an ‘L’ … ” in a painstaking manner, I just wrote it down for him on a scrap of paper as a reference.

Today was the day that we got to have the conversation about women’s intelligence. He knows girls are pretty and smell nice, but now it’s time for him to learn that they are smart too. Well, most of them. Not that idiot who parks her car like this at the preschool:

I don’t know who this woman is, but COME ON. Her ridiculous driving and parking infuriates me on a weekly basis. Lady, get a chauffeur.

Anyway, I really had no idea that ONE thought girls weren’t as smart as boys until today’s conversation. It went a little something like this:


ONE: Daddy knows everything.

Me: Daddy does know a lot.

ONE: That’s because boys, I mean men, are smarter than girls.

Me: What on Earth gave you that idea?!

ONE: (thinking) Daddy is bigger than you are, so he’s smarter than you.

Me: Your Daddy is a very smart man, but I’m just as smart as he is. The size of a person doesn’t affect how much they know. There are genius midgets out there roaming around.

ONE: (listening intently)

Me: Daddy is a lot smarter than I am in certain ways. He knows a LOT about a lot of stuff I don’t know about. But I know a LOT about a lot of other stuff. We’re experts in different areas.

ONE: Oh!! So … if you took Daddy’s brain, and your brain, and put them together … YOU COULD RULE THE WORLD!

Me: That’s exactly right.


Oh … ONE. I love yo.       


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