Teaching My Children That Race Doesn’t Matter

The boys found my favorite Christmas ornament in the kitchen today and asked, “Who is the little boy in this picture?” I told them the picture came with the ornament, so I didn’t know, but he sure was cute.


After a few minutes, Maverick asked me, “Why is this Santa brown?”

“What color do you think Santa is?” I asked. Both boys decided that Santa must be white, because most of the Santas they see are white.

“No one knows what color Santa is,” I told them. “Kind of like how no one knows what color God is, either.”

“Why are all of the Santas we see white, then? And why are the pictures of God white, if no one knows what He looks like?” They stared at me.

“Because sometimes white people think everyone should be white.”

Maverick said, “That’s dumb.”

I agreed.

Asher (who had been quietly listening this whole time) said he thinks God is purple. Or yellow. He can’t decide, but definitely an LSU color. I didn’t correct him, because who am I to say? AND WHY DOES IT MATTER?

It doesn’t.

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