9 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. OH my goodness! I just read the post about your eldest Maverick and it could have been written about my son, also my eldest, who just turned 6! Right down to potions mixed in the bathroom. I can totally relate! I find that sometimes, you’ve just got to go with it.

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  2. “I’ve had people say I must be a “sad” person if being a mom was the greatest thing I’ve ever done. Fuck them.”

    I totally agree. Yes, I miss my cellulite-free skin, size 6 body, and vacations where the screaming coming from my room was hott, not disciplinary. But, the joy of being a mom trumps all of that. Reading I Still Want to Pee Alone has added much needed comedy to my parenting.


  3. I was just scrolling through all my unread email and found your piece on mamapedia and I fell in love with you! You instantly made me feel better! I’m so excited to see a normal everyday mama (just like me) living out her dreams of being a writer. I have a dream too and my journey is just starting. Not the mama part (I’ve been doing that for almost 12 years AHHHHH) I’m getting back to me. So you are an inspiration, just wanted you to know that.


  4. I just found your blog and I’m in love. You speak to my soul. Thank you!!!!!!
    I can’t figure out how to subscribe to your blog yet, but once I do, you’ll have another loyal follower!


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