I’ve decided that there is no possible way to prepare yourself for life. Your choices are:

1. develop survival skills, or,
2. suck at life.

My set of skills seem to change with each decade. I recall coping in my teen years by eating a lot of comfort food. A lot of french fries, bagels with cream cheese, ice cream sundaes, and pizza. I was fat. I don’t think food is the answer.

Then, in the first half of my 20’s I slept. A LOT. I wish I would have kept track of how much I slept. It was sick.

In the second half of my 20’s, I met Husband. I think this is when my life truly began. It was fun. Ridiculously fun. I drank a lot of coffee and energy drinks. I basked in newlywed bliss. Then about two years later reality started to hit me and I have been scrambling ever since to achieve the right balance of skills … lest I go off the deep end. Here are my current keys to survival:

1. Google.
2. Epsom salt baths.
3. Coffee. I’ll always drink it, and it’s the highlight of my day.
4. Deep breaths.
5. Smiling even when I don’t feel like it (which is often).
6. Taking the time to make myself presentable EVERY SINGLE DAY.
7. Cooking a lot of food on Sunday.
9. Southern Living magazine
10. Keeping up with house cleaning so it doesn’t overwhelm me.
11. Netflix.

3 thoughts on “Survival.

  1. Hey, I'm excited that you're blogging! I've missed the Writings of Harmony. And I have a feeling as I follow you into this world of parenting, I may be looking for all the survival tips I can get. Actually, you're already ahead of me if you manage to make yourself presentable every day. My days working from home are sometimes ROUGH.


  2. Ok so I’ve finally found the Archive button….yes not the brightest crayon in the pencil case this week – I’ll thank my kids for that and instead of working backwards….I’m starting at your blog beginning….I did just notice…you didn’t list wine on your survival list…oh how times have changed 2 extra kids later!! I loved wine before kids…but that’s just me 😉

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