Knock, Knock. It’s the Terrible Two’s!

The Toddler has entered some sort of phase that I grudgingly admit must be the Terrible Two’s. It has appeared early. Hopefully it will END early. We have to treat him with the same careful consideration as you might treat an elderly family member with the mean kind of dementia. Not the sweet kind, where they call you “Sugar” and pat your hand. I mean the mean kind where they throw things and scream at you because you gave them the wrong kind of crackers.

So we took him to get a haircut this weekend, which was an adventure just like all of our other errands. He freaked when the lady pulled out her scissors. He cried the entire time. We pacified him with a sucker. I was always very judgy of pacifying children with candy until recently when I realized the magic that a popsicle or a sucker wields. I will now consider this my secret weapon. I’ll pull it out as a last resort. I like knowing I have that option.

At home, our latest strategy is to WEAR HIM OUT. Lately that involves playing the backyard with the water house. I encourage digging in the dirt. Anything to keep him busy. So far, that seems to be working.

I keep thinking that I can’t imagine having another baby on top of this crazy situation, but then I look at my little dirt-covered boy smiling up at me and I think … how can I NOT?

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