Me and my Toddler were on our own again this weekend. Husband had to work Saturday and Sunday, so I did the single mom thing. Usually we have a great time when we’re on our own, although I’m always exhausted by the end of the weekend. Unfortunately, this weekend, I seem to have either contracted some sort of stomach virus from my child — or my child’s poop– or possibly ate something bad on Friday that gave me a touch of … something. Something that seems a LOT like a close relative to food poisoning.

I have not enjoyed it.

Anyway, managing an extremely clingy 21-month-old plus repeated trips to the restroom does not a good time make. Every time I exit the room I hear “MAMA!! MAMA!!” and then tiny footsteps following me. At that point he will either beat on the door and cry, or, if I let him in, pat my thigh and stare at me while I do my business.

In fact, here he is hanging on my leg while I write this blog.

And then, moments later, he’s fine again.

I think one thing I’ve had to learn as a mother is to just try to stay even tempered regardless of what kind of mood my child is in. And even though he’s very clingy right now, I am enjoying it while I can. One day he won’t even want to be seen in public with me.

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