Today I am pondering modern motherhood. It’s come to my attention that not many women, especially women who have children, are able to function without some sort of medication. Is it because we live in such a high-stress society? Do we expect too much of ourselves? Or is it simply that us women are inherently crazy, have probably always needed medication, and just didn’t have access to it until recently?

I often think that I was born in the wrong century, and I often long for a simpler life. I’m a hard worker, and I think I would have done well in a time where bread was made from scratch and the cows had to be milked. But, I do enjoy my air-conditioning — and I’m vain to a fault — so maybe I would have just bitched the whole time about my “simple” life instead.

I like to think not, but I’m a realist. And possibly crazy.

2 thoughts on “Crazy.

  1. yeah. i think it's the stress. but my hat's off to the moms who milked cows and baked bread from scratch out of necessity — i don't think i could have handled that!


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