I have a (slight) obsession with Bethenny Frankel. No one in my circle seems to know who she is, so allow me to explain her.

I first discovered her on my guilty pleasure show, The Real Housewives of New York. Since then she has branched out and has her own TV show, books, alcoholic beverage (the “Skinnygirl Margarita”), and now … workout DVD.

It’s called Body By Bethenny, of course.

Husband ordered it for me yesterday and OMG! I CANNOT WAIT TO TRY IT!

I have this notion that by performing said exercises in said exercise DVD, I will magically transform into a likeness of Bethenny, who happens to be about 100 pounds and very augmented. Please don’t dash my dreams.

Once I get this DVD and try it, I will get back to you with a review. I enjoy her because she’s completely inappropriate and says really inappropriate things that I would never say because I was raised right. Bethenny apparently had a bulimic, alcoholic, horrible mother and an absent father and no one taught her that the F-word isn’t ladylike.

4 thoughts on “Bethenny.

  1. I share your love for Bethenny-since I first saw her on Martha Stewart's Apprentice (wish she'd won). I have only seen segments of her new show, but found her HILARIOUS on RHONY (yes, my guilty shameful pleasure). Love her sense of humor. And have a bunch of her recipes–need to try soon. I won't dash your dreams–I'd love to have same thing!


  2. Unfortunately, I only saw a couple snips–something big was happening in my life…I can't seem to remember what exactly…maybe my kid?! Made me love her even more though-the bit I saw. Why can't we be allowed to walk around without a filter?


  3. I talked to her father, a big-time horse trainer, at the 2005 Breeder's Cup. Other than that, I didn't know she was “famous.” I saw her there though.


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