It is 3:44 a.m. and I have been awake for two hours.


Well … it’s a combination of my husband’s snoring and the fact that I have awful cramps which made it impossible to go back to sleep once I was startled awake at 1:30 by the freight train lying next to me.

What sealed this deal was the Midol Complete that I took to make my pain stop, which (I found out too late) has caffeine in it. I tried everything to lull myself back to sleep, including the following:

1. Counting backwards from 10, then 100
2. Visualizing myself going to sleep
3. Systematically relaxing myself, yoga-style, one limb at a time … this was nice, but ineffective
4. Kicking my spouse repeatedly until I felt guilty

At 3:00 I said a bad word, bit the bullet, and got up. Currently I’m listening to the rain, drinking coffee (yes, I realize this is going to bring the cramps right back, thankyoukbye) and trying to complete an article that is NOT. GOING. WELL.

I forsee a long day in my future. Happy Monday!


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