So …

What did you do on Saturday night?

I attended a Murder Mystery party. Of course, the theme was “Psycho Circus.” I mean … what else could it possibly be?

Anna and I shared a babysitter. When that poor girl arrived to take over watching our crazy-ass children, we RAN out the door. Literally.
I was Harriet the “Horse Woman” and although I was ridiculed endlessly about how I looked like I’d gotten bucked off the horse a few too many times I at least had the presence of mind to take pictures. 


Hello, clown.

Here is our hostess … I think she played the part of “Tuppance” the contortionist? Who was also a food vendor … I think.

From left to right: A gypsy, a contortionist food vendor, and a special-ed horse woman. With her horse.

Did you know that Walmart now sells microwaveable boiled peanuts?? They were a big hit.

Our hostess couldn’t stay away from them.

There were cupcakes … 

Hot dogs … popcorn …

And a bearded lady.

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