Things I’ve Learned (Again).

I learned some things, mostly for a second time, during my Girl’s Trip to Chicago. The things I learned weren’t exactly epiphanies since I knew them already … I had just forgotten. 

I figured pointing out lessons learned would be more useful to the six of you that read my blog rather than blabbing about the gory details of our trip. No one wants to hear about that anyway. Especially my mother.

Here is an abbreviated list. 

1. There IS a “right” way to hail a cab. Screaming “WAIT! WAIT!” whilst running toward it is not the right way.

2. The rule for tipping bellmen is $1 per bag.

3. Sometimes it can be hard to laugh at yourself … but embrace your quirks, and try to see the humor in your own odd behavior. It builds character.

4. The local 7-Eleven probably has whatever it is that you’re looking for.

5. Never travel without band-aids, earplugs, and a flask. Even if you don’t end up needing them, all are good to have on hand.

6. Good friends are a huge gift. People who think you’re fun to hang out with AND accept you (with all your quirks)?! A MIRACLE.

7. Anonymity is awesome.

And as a side note … buying new shoes and wearing them for the first time on a trip is a terrible idea. I was so excited about my Keens and they would have been perfect (in an old lady way), had they not squeezed the life out of my feet.  

Nothing a few mimosas couldn’t fix. Cheers!

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