I am extremely grouchy. I’m sure it’s hormonal. I was mean to my husband for no reason this morning. He didn’t even have a chance to do anything to warrant meanness. 

Poor guy.

To cheer myself up, I am going to focus on positive things (and not the fact that I just baked chocolate chip cookies and ate four of them).  

1. I bought a new rug for my foyer and I really like it. I got it at Walmart! They’re really stepping up their game.

2. I discovered a new wine that is SUPER cheap and really tasty. Actually, Courtney at howdoyoufoldafittedsheet has been telling me about it for awhile and I just got around to giving it a try.  

Lucky Duck Malbec. YUM! You can see my cookies in the background … minus four.

And lastly …

3. THANKSGIVING IS COMING! My favorite holiday. I’m all fattened up and ready to go.

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