In Need of Stretch.

Today the button on my jeans, the same button I just paid the tailor $5 t0 sew back on, popped off. Again.

This means it’s time to fully embrace maternity wear. It seems a bit early, I’m only 9 weeks and some change. I’m wondering if my lack of exercise has anything to do with the speed at which I’m growing. Or maybe it’s just that this is baby #2 and my soon-to-be-the-size-of-a-duffle-bag uterus is expanding speedily.

I keep reading about how I should be exercising. That irritates me. I would LIKE to go walking, I think, but it’s 40 degrees out there. Also, I’m tired. But mostly, it’s just too cold. 

Here’s proof that I need stretchy pants. And no, I’m not sticking my stomach out — I’m just not sucking it in.

This is what we look like on Sundays around the house.

One thought on “In Need of Stretch.

  1. I always hear that the for the second pregnancy, the MINUTE you find out you're pregnant, your stomach pops out. And then your thighs grow wings. You look great. Don't worry. But when you're pregnant, that's like someone is telling you the sky is really blue. Sorry.


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