Oh Goodness.

This weekend …

My son learned how cool it is to wear cowboy boots. He learned this from his grandpa, who owns several pairs.

He’s wearing some now.

I may have hit some sort of Pregnant Mother of a Two-Year-Old rock bottom. I flipped out in front of my family, spanked my child, and yelled at my husband. None of that is unusual, but this time it was in front of an audience.

I was so mad, I didn’t care.

I folded up all of my regular jeans and stored them away for a time in the very distant future when I can button them comfortably.

I am obsessed with blueberries. And blackberries. And yogurt, and strawberries, and parfaits. And food, in general.

The Toddler has started saying “oh goodness,” which he learned from me. It’s really dorky. Someone should have told me to stop saying that before now.

2 thoughts on “Oh Goodness.

  1. You haven't hit rock bottom yet. Rock bottom is when you flip out and yell at your husband infront of HIS family. Trust me, I know. Tim's mom probably thinks I'm a complete bitch. Why can't men just do right?


  2. Nope. Not rock bottom yet. There are WAY worse places to be. Like spanking your kid FOR wearing cowboy boots. Or saying “goodness”–which is totally & completely cute.


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