Worst. Napper. Ever.

No, I’m not talking about myself. Although, I am really bad at napping. It takes me forever to fall asleep, then when I wake up I’m cranky and out of sorts for two hours afterwards.

This is in my normal life. But right now, in my pregnant life, ALL I WANT TO DO IS SLEEP. I don’t care where or when. I just need it to happen. Unfortunately, my son takes after me and hates to nap. He never naps. It’s awful, generally speaking … but right now, it’s intolerable.

Today I was almost to the point of tears because I wanted so badly to lie down and not have a small person jumping on me, breathing in my face, putting plastic animals in my hair, banging Thomas the Train on my thigh, or yelling “RAWR! I’M A TIGER MOMMY! RAWR!!!” over and over again.

Basically, I gave up. I got up. I made the mature decision to not be all pissy about it, just to chalk it up to the time of life I’m in right now — and it’s not permanent. One day, my kids won’t want to be in the same room with me and I’ll have plenty of time to nap (or shower, or shop in peace, or read a book, or just disappear) if I want to.


Please, just let me sleep. I love you but I don’t like you right now.

It’s not going to happen, is it? I’m glad that you’re cute.

Crazy-eyed Mommy arrives.

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