Parenthood and Friendships.

I just read this blog post asking the question, “do parents make bad friends?” and I thought I would share.

In case you don’t have time to read the article, the answer is yes. Parents make terribly crappy friends —especially to people who don’t have children.

I admit, parenthood has zapped almost all of the extra time, energy, and resources that I used to channel toward my friendships. I think I used to be a pretty great friend. I sent birthday cards (handmade, sometimes!) and cards just for fun, little surprises in the mail to my girlfriends who live in other states. I had time to chat on the phone. Now, I send texts from the bathroom because that is the only time I can manage to put together a clear thought.

Other things I do in the bathroom: write things down in my daily planner. 

After reading the responses below the article, I felt validated. I do the best that I can. Surely the people who love me understand that, and those who don’t … well … it was fun while it lasted. Most of the time I have to choose between meeting my child’s seemingly endless demands or doing something else, and the “something else” usually never gets accomplished. And like the author said, one day when my children are older, I’ll have time again to do things like chat on the phone or go take an art class.

I think as a parent, you tend to forget what life was like before a miniature version of yourself learned how to scream “NOW MOMMY!” or cling to your leg, making it nearly impossible to walk. I try to make time for myself. I try to nurture my relationships. But come on — it’s hard to even find time to take a thorough shower some days.

So currently, if I have a free moment, I’ll likely choose to shave my legs … not chat. No offense.

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