Nostalgia …

I never put together a wedding album. I never started a “baby book” for ONE, or put together a photo album for him.

I suck.

Husband did something to our computer about a year ago and all of our pictures got misplaced. After months of reminding, he finally unearthed them and restored them to the computer. I WILL make an album for ONE before TWO arrives. 

Looking at the pictures made me feel wistful. Husband and I need to get away together. We didn’t vacation a ton before we started a family, mostly because we were really freaking poor, but we did stuff. It was fun. I can see how couples let years slip by without making time for each other because it’s really hard to put everyone else aside and make it a priority! 

I also believe that parenthood has aged us quite a bit. I’m still coping with that realization …

Here we are on a cruise just days before we found out I was pregnant with ONE.

And then …

And a very long and difficult time later …

Sometimes I wish I could slow life down a little.

3 thoughts on “Nostalgia …

  1. Do you think you've aged physically, or emotionally? I don't think I look terribly different physically (fully dressed at least 😛 ), but my husband makes comments sometimes about how I carry myself, and sometimes how I dress. And he'll talk about how I'm more serious and less fun-loving, and I'm like WHAT are you talking about?!?! I'm totally still fun and awesome! GIVE ME EXAMPLES.

    Your boy is SUCH a cutie. GAH.


  2. I think I've aged physically. Husband has too … we both look kind of HAGGARD now. I think it's lack of sleep.

    I feel like I'm less fun ONLY because I have little people to think about now, whereas before I could do whatever the hell I wanted and it didn't matter. I believe it's totally possible to still be fun and awesome as a mom but it does take extra work. It helps to be aware of it I think. I feel like I have to make an extra effort to be “normal.”


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