I have been struggling with an overwhelming urge to NEST for several months now. My husband, who was not born with a sense of urgency, does not understand.

“We still have three months,” he says. Well, yes. We do. But that doesn’t matter to a nesting pregnant woman, does it? It only pisses her off.

Yesterday, we made progress. He got so annoyed with me that he (FINALLY!!) went into the attic and pulled out the bassinet that has been in storage since ONE was about 3 months old. It made me so happy to remove the covers and wash them in mild detergent and hang them up to dry. I was giddy. I keep looking at the basket and rocking it and telling TWO that he has a place to sleep now.

At least we have THAT. Phase two will begin next weekend. My parents are coming and they are workhorses — that’s where I get it from, apparently — and I plan to make the most of it. Not only are we going to set up the baby’s room, but we are going to transform ONE’s room into an awesome big boy’s room. And maybe change out the dining room light fixture. 

Hopefully Husband will make the most of their help as well, because he knows that whatever is left after they leave … is his problem.

p.s. I somehow convinced Husband that I need to hire a cleaning service to get my house spotless before the baby arrives. I mean, he nodded like he was in total agreement. He didn’t even ask how much it would cost. VICTORY!!!!

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