Sort of Sad.

Apparently I’m going through some sort of process where I’m emotional about the fact that we are about to become a family of four. It won’t be just me and Husband and ONE anymore.
I’m nervous … but I am sure that it’s normal to go through this and I’m sure that we will all be just as happy, hopefully even happier. People say that your heart just grows. And I remember being pregnant with ONE and grieving the fact that it wasn’t going to just be me and Husband anymore. Boy, did that freak me out. And of course now I can’t imagine my life without ONE. He is a part of me as much as I am a part of myself.
But still, this interesting dynamic (see below) will become a distant memory and that makes me sort of sad. Also, instead of just being outnumbered with penises I’m going to be REALLY RIDICULOUSLY OUTNUMBERED WITH PENISES.
Actually, that is a pretty fun thing to say.

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