Open Letter.

Dear Random People Who View My Pregnant State As An Opportunity To Start A Conversation That I Do Not Wish To Have:

Yes, I am planning to have a natural birth.

I realize it’s going to hurt. There is no need to remind me … I’ve had one child already, with an epidural that wore off by the time I really needed it, and I pushed for two hours. I am no stranger to pain. I do not fear it. I do find it odd that you, person who is not facing the realities of childbirth, are so fearful for me.

Also–and you’ll need to prepare yourself, this may shock you–there is no need for you to inform me. I am a second-time mother, with a college education and a penchant for books and online research via the Google. I am quite informed. Do not let my smile and blonde hair fool you. I read stuff.

Lastly, you can keep your opinions on topics such as breastfeeding to yourself. I only discuss breast milk with a few people on this Earth. You are not one of them.

Thank You,

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