Deep Cleaning.

Nothing makes me happier than a clean house. And when I say clean, I mean clean. I realize it’s futile, to clean something only to have it dirtied again … but for that 30 minute span (or 8 hours, if it’s overnight) of time when it’s clean, I’m SO happy.

I’m in full-out nesting mode. It’s way over the top, much more exaggerated than what I experienced while pregnant with ONE. I have methodically re-decorated. I have added and removed furniture from our house. I’ve hired Stanley Steemer and Merry Maids and washed every baby item in our house in preparation for TWO.

I want a clean, serene nest to welcome him into. I’m nervous about having another baby … and when I’m nervous, my way of dealing is to create a calm, clean environment. I’m very Zen that way. Wish me luck as I fight against the odds: Husband and ONE and life in general.

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