Open Letter.

Dear ONE,

You have hated naps since birth. It’s a good thing I have an addiction to coffee, and was never much of a napper myself. However, since I got pregnant and had to cut back on uppers, it’s really become a problem for us. 

Why is it, that on most days, you spend the naptime hour in your room shouting things like “MOMMY! IS NAPTIME OVER?! HELLLLOOOOOOOOOO ….” 

Or, my personal favorite, “I SEE THE SUN! IT’S TIME TO GET UUUUP!”

And yet, on the days that I cave from exhaustion and drink so much caffeine that taking a nap myself is impossible, you konk right out. It’s just cruel.


You and Ollie the Octopus look so peaceful. That must be nice.

Your Mother

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