Three Years.

Three years ago I gave birth to ONE and our lives changed forever.

On his 3rd birthday, tired of posing for pictures.

I thought I wanted a girl. 

The thought of having a boy totally freaked me out, until he was handed to me and everything clicked into place. Suddenly I couldn’t imagine him being any different than he was.

He was perfect.

He looks like me. A boy version. Sometimes he also looks like his daddy, like when he is deep in thought, or when he’s sleeping.

ONE is lively and loud and so much fun. I never realized that little kids were fun, really. Goes to show how much I knew about children before I had one of my own.

He loves people and music and is curious about everything. I am honored to be his mother, and have the privilege of teaching him about the world.

Happy birthday, ONE. Thank you for making me a better human being every day.

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