Things That Make Me Happy.

This morning, I brewed myself a pot of strong coffee and decided that, despite the fact that TWO woke up the whole house at 5 a.m. and ONE refused to go back to sleep, therefore foiling my plan to crash on the couch for just a little while … I am going to make the best of it. I will most likely get a really long nap out of ONE over this ordeal. Or, he will scream for two hours in his room. It’s hard to say.

These are some good things that are happening. I am choosing to focus on them:

1. I can drink coffee without regret because I quit breastfeeding.

2. My friend Kellie is sending me to Massage Envy for a little pampering! THANK YOU Kellie, that is something I would probably never have done for myself.

3. My mother is leaving Thursday, and will be immediately replaced by my sweet mother-in-law, who hasn’t seen the baby yet! We are so excited for her to visit (and I welcome an extra set of eyes and arms). 

4. And finally, my friend Lesley came over yesterday bringing with her a Moby Wrap. She is letting me borrow it. I was so intimidated by this contraption — it’s 20 feet of fabric and I’m not so great with following instructions — but she patiently demonstrated how to use it and then she put TWO in it to show me how it works.

ONE was wearing it like a superman cape, but then got an attitude and refused to pose for me.

I’m pretty sure this item is going to save my sanity. Here is what it looks like when worn correctly.


By the time my mother-in-law goes home, I think I’ll be ready to take on the task of mothering these two children by myself. I may even venture out in public with them. 

Or I might become a hermit.

2 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Happy.

  1. Harmony, I meant to tell you…if you want to borrow my peanut shell in case you don't like the Moby, let me know & I'll dig it out & mail it to you. You can give it back to me if our birth control ever fails or if we ever decide to adopt. Is that ok to say out loud, much less in written format? Oh well.


  2. Don't dig it out! Personally, I am still hoping that you have another. It's been over two weeks and I feel like things have gotten much better already. It's SOMETHING, but it must get better. Like once they can play together …. ???? I don't know. I am just hoping for the best.


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