Trick or Treat.

ONE just found a bunch of feminine products and mistook them for treats. As in candy. 

He threw a FIT because I took them away before he could open, and presumably eat, all of them. Never in my wildest dreams would it have occurred to me that while being at home with my boys, I would have the following conversation:

Me: Give me those, ONE. Those aren’t for you.


Me: No … they aren’t treats. And they aren’t yours.

ONE: (throws a fit)

Me: Here, let me show you. See? Open it up. It’s not candy.

ONE: What is it?

Me: A tampon. 

ONE: What it do? 

Me: I’ll explain it to you when you’re older.

After I opened it to prove it wasn’t edible, I figured nothing was wrong with letting him have it. As I write this, he is wearing the cardboard part of said tampon as a mustache. So to the people who ask me, “aren’t you bored being at home all day?” THIS IS WHY THE ANSWER IS NO.

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