Geriatric Glory.

Today I attended my first class at the YMCA. BodyFlow. One hour of yoga, pilates, and tai chi fusion … followed by QUITE an experience in the ladies locker room. 

As it turned out, my class let out at exactly the same time as the “Low Intensity Water Workout” class. One moment I was alone, the next, a crowd of elderly women came pouring in. Apparently they left their inhibitions in the swimming pool.

Let me just state here: I really could care less who I see naked or sees me naked. I don’t care about the makeshift shower curtains or the fact that all my stuff got wet because there’s no good place to put any of it. I was just happy to take a shower in peace, without worrying that ONE was smothering TWO with a blanket.

I had two blissful hours to myself. It was pretty fantastic. And I may have made a few geriatric friends along the way. An obvious win-win.


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