Dear Carters: I Love You.

Remember when my stroller broke? Well, this week my JJ Cole diaper bag also bit it. It had a hard life for three years, and I guess it was time for it to pass on. My dear friend Lila gifted it to me when I was pregnant with ONE and we absolutely wore it to pieces.

I went on a search this week for a new bag and let me tell you, it wasn’t pretty. When did Buy Buy Baby decide it was okay to charge upwards of $150 for a pleather diaper bag? I mean … come on. I was actually one of those customers muttering aloud to herself “This piece of crap is $169? PUL-LEAZE,” in the aisle.

I’m no cheap skate, but I just wasn’t willing to pay that much money for a big piece of plastic. Another issue I was running into was SIZE. None of them were big enough, or they were ridiculously enormous and carrying it would just piss me off because I would know I was carrying diapers and not clothes for a weekend getaway …

So finally I went to Babies R Us and I found the perfect bag, made by Carter’s, for $50. IAMSOHAPPY. We’re best friends. Not forever. But at least for a year or two.

I have a lot of stuff.
I got everything in there with room to spare!

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