Just Another Family Outing.

Yesterday we decided to make a family trip to the mall. We got almost halfway there when I realized we forgot the stroller. I asked Husband to turn around. He kept driving.

He hates turning around. Something about it turns him into a big jerk. He was MAD. And we hadn’t even made it to the mall yet. I reasoned that at least we remembered before we got there. He insisted he could carry the baby. Yes, all over the mall. I vetoed. 

We went back home.

We arrived at the mall 20 minutes later with the stroller. We hunted for a parking spot for what seemed like an eternity. After we finally parked, I got out and started to unload. The wind was blowing. Something flew into my eye.

I rubbed my eye and my contact came out.

It blew away.

We had to put everyone back in the car and go back home, again, so I could replace my lost contact. If I had semi-bad vision I would have toughed it out with just one good eye, but my last prescription was -7.50 which is pretty much blind.

Husband didn’t speak the whole way home and the whole way back to the mall. ONE made up for his silence with his constant chattering: Where are we going, Mommy? Daddy? Anyone? Why are we going back home? Are we going back to the mall? What’s going on? Why can’t Mommy see? Does she need GLASSES? DO I NEED GLASSES? ANYONE? HELLOOOOOOO …. 

Personally, I found this situation to be very funny. Husband did not. But I don’t find the whisker hairs he left in the sink to be funny. So I guess we’re even.


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