Husband doesn’t like it when I blog about him. I really try not to, but sometimes, it just has to come out. 

To compensate for what I said earlier today, I say to him: look at this! Look at what we’ve done. I cooked these babies, now let me have my therapy. Even if it sometimes involves discussing your size 13 feet.

Some people (my mother) do not understand why I am compelled to overshare on the internet. I could never quite explain it. It’s just what I do. Then, this morning, my friend Kellie texted me a quote she found that completely explains why I MUST BLOG:

“The reason I write is not so that others may read it, but so at the end of the day I am not alone in my head.”

To whoever is reading this, thank you for being there to write to, so at the end of an endless day, I don’t feel completely alone. Someone out there went through the day with me. 

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