Why I Don’t Do Naptime.

Naptime is my nemesis. OH, HOW I HATE NAPTIME.

I have blogged about this problem over and over, but basically my three-year-old has refused to nap for half of his life. We finally gave up the battle about a year ago because it was just too ridiculous. He fought it tooth and nail. At daycare, he would remove articles of clothing and throw them at the other kids to wake them up. We got complaints every day because of “disruption during naptime.” He has always slept 12 hours a night so we never pressed the issue.

Fast-forward  to four months ago when the baby was born and I NEEDED him to nap. I tried letting him watch a movie on my bed, which worked for like a week. Then he was over it and would come looking for me. 

Some of my friends were aghast to learn that my older child doesn’t have a naptime or a “rest time” and I concluded that I might be a better mother if I tried to force it. So I did. On Monday he pooped about 15 minutes into “naptime.” I was trying to relax and just when I got settled I heard his little mouth against his bedroom door telling me that he pooped. So I changed him and laid down again and right about that time, the baby woke up. And so on and so forth.

This is why I have an addiction to coffee.

Today, we tried once more. He pooped, AGAIN (it took everything in me not to sling a cuss fit, I mean WTF is wrong with my kid?!), destroyed his room, and piled clothes against the door so I couldn’t come in.

Oddly, he also found a birthday card that sings Life Is A Highway. He was singing loudly when I tried to open the door to check on him. That’s when I smelled the poop.

He is currently locked in our backyard with a snack and some rubber boots. Maybe I’ll give up on the nap and just enforce outside time instead.

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