Open Letter.

Dear Dentist’s Office,

Please stop calling me and leaving voicemails reminding me to reschedule the appointment I cancelled a year ago.

I am TERRIFIED of you.

I know oral health is important. And you are sweet to remind me of that. But … I just can’t. The only reason I saw you two years ago for a checkup and cleaning is because I had an arrangement with a friend of mine. We were both facing our fears. I went to the dentist, she signed up with an online dating service.

We both probably won’t do that again.

Thank you,

2 thoughts on “Open Letter.

  1. HA! Ohmygod! I am avoiding my dentist right now, too! Too funny. I never thought I was scared of the dentist until the last time I went, inhaled WAY too much happy gas, laughed hysterically like a crazy person, said I had to pee, then told my cute little dentist that I thought he was cute! I WILL NOT be going back there! So, I am with you–stop the calls! I am not coming back–EVER!


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