Fitful Sleeper = Crazy Mommy.

Disclaimer: Just because I am at my wit’s end with TWO does not mean I don’t love being his mother. It simply means I’ll have something to hold over his head when he’s older.

So what you see here on your left is what it has come to. 

I haven’t talked about this yet because I was too tired to try and explain it, but now I am desperate for help. So please. Help me.

He’s fitful. I mean like really fitful. 

When he tries to go to sleep, he wiggles and wiggles and scratches the mattress and turns his head from side to side and eventually rolls over and scares himself. And screams

Then I turn him back over to his belly, and the process starts all over again. I have tried standing there and literally holding his butt down so he can’t roll over, but without fail when I leave the room, he turns right over and we start again. Sometimes it happens during his naps, but most often it happens at 3 a.m. and it makes me want to shoot myself.

As shown in this photo, this morning I attempted to wedge my son between the wall of his Pack N’ Play and a rolled up blanket … and when that proved to not be enough of a barrier (he shoved it out of the way like it was nothing), I added in a pillow from my bed. 

He’s locked in there good and tight. We’ll see what happens. I’d take a nap, but ONE is awake now and asking me for food. I’m fighting the urge to throw a pack of crackers at him and lock myself in my room.

3 thoughts on “Fitful Sleeper = Crazy Mommy.

  1. I used a sleep positioner to solve this problem with my son. It has to small pillows on each side and fabric in the middle that the baby lays on. Heres a link:
    Apparently, they have been deemed unsafe since I used it, so you may want to research them first (may just be unsafe for newborns, etc). I will totally use it again on my next though. Its like they have a conspiracy to ban all the helpful products that would save some of us mom's sanity. LOL Other than that, I have nothing but to wait it out…which just sounds miserable. Good luck!


  2. Honestly I don't remember how old he was when he used it. He's 2.5 now and I try to block out the bad “phases.” LOL I'm kidding, kinda. He was a scooter, and did eventually start scooting out of the bottom of it, but by then the rollover and cry phase was ending. He used it a while…I took it everywhere with me! LOL Hope it works for you!


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