The Pediatrician.

I took TWO to the pediatrician yesterday afternoon. He has an ear infection.

He was screaming at the top of his lungs while the doctor looked in his ears. Then, for reasons I do not understand, ONE also started screaming. I don’t know why. Maybe he wanted to prove to our pediatrician that he can be loud, too. Mission accomplished.

I opened my mouth to ask the good doctor if she could possibly prescribe me something. A valium, perhaps. I think I would like that very much. But then I thought … no … that’s not a good idea. People sometimes don’t understand my humor. She might misunderstand me. Or, she might actually give me the valium. But most likely, she would misunderstand me. 

It was a chance I was not willing to take.

3 thoughts on “The Pediatrician.

  1. I stumbled across a blog a few days back where the author had small children that had moments to drive her up.the.wall….and laughed b/c she shared how she stayed sane: pictured little bubbles over their heads that would say stuff like: I'm being an a-hole! And thinking of her own bubble and what it might say. It helped me this weekend to do that when my 3yr old was being particularly difficult about stupid stuff….I thought you might like to try that!! Love your posts, hang in there Harmony! PS…that flowered twig from ONE is precious!!


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