I’m Trying To Be A Laid-Back Person.

It has come to my attention that 99% of my adult interactions now take place at the grocery store or the YMCA. This has totally changed the way I view the world. 

It also means that sometimes the most exciting interaction I may have in a day is when a woman sits on my purse at the gym and doesn’t notice. Just sits. And I don’t have a small purse. It’s big. And gold. And full of stuff.

When that happened, I was unsure of the proper way to extract it. I tugged a little on the handle and said “Oops … I think you’re on my purse,” but she just continued to sit and chat with her friend — who also didn’t seem to notice what was happening. So you know what? I just let her sit on it.

It’s kind of like when we took TWO to the doctor for a checkup a few months ago and ONE spilled M&M’s all over the exam room floor. As I was talking to the pediatrician about how colic was taking over my life I saw him out of the corner of my eye, picking up the candies and eating them. Off of the exam room floor. I could have said something. But I figured … eh. It’ll be okay.

I have started just letting things go. So a stranger is sitting on my purse. No big deal. So my kid ate food off the floor in the doctor’s office. That’s okay. So I got mascara all over my eyelid this morning and didn’t notice until several hours later. At least it didn’t get in my eye.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

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