I’ve been humbled.

As I type this, a very nice plumber is clambering around in the storage room on our back porch. I just heard a crash, and possibly an expletive.

This morning, we saw water pooling on our back porch. A lot of it. And now the plumber is here, except that neither I nor Husband thought about the fact that he might need to gain access to that room. It’s mortifying. He assured me he has seen worse. I believe him. But still.

I just snapped this picture while he was gone to get some tools. It doesn’t do the situation justice. There simply isn’t anywhere to put your feet. The other side has been cleared of junk so he can access the pipe, which is in the wall, and is split in two. He said “it’s going to be a pickle” to repair. And so, I wished him good luck.

“I’ll need it.” That’s what he said. He just walked outside with a saw. And we have no water. So … good luck to me as well.

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