Oldies & Goodies.

Me and the photo scanner are at it again. I just. Can’t. Stop.

Waffle House, Collegedale, TN.

Here I am with my best friend Amy. It must have been 1999 or 2000 … hard to say, but I do know it was after The Worst Period Of My Life Ever when I went through some really bad stuff and cut all of my hair off.

Husband jokes about me having a “brother” every time he sees a picture from this era … I do not find it humorous. Also, I am an only child. But I do look boyish with no hair.  

One thing about looking at old pictures, it makes me realize I need to be skinny again. Maybe Husband and I should plan another wedding. That might do the trick.

Day before my wedding, with one of my besties Kate!

I love finding pictures like this one, too. It makes me remember Husband before we bought a house and a car and brought two little lives into the world. I really love that man.

My parent’s old apartment, Oct. 8, 2005.

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