Falling In Love.

Looking at old pictures makes me think. Especially when I’m looking at old pictures of me and Husband. That’s a hot hunk of man meat right there to your left.

Sometimes I forget that I’ve been with him for 9 years (!!) and it seems so weird that we now have two little boys and are settling into our thirties. It’s so easy to lose sight of each other. Life has a way of swallowing us up. 

And … pregnancy and postpartum hormones have a way of making me loathe Husband. Everything he does pisses me off. I can’t explain it; I assume it’s biological. You know, a built-in thing to prevent people from procreating again too quickly. Luckily, I found an old box of pictures that I’ve been looking through over the past few days and I think I’m falling in love with him all over again. 

I think I’m struggling to get my bearings. I’ll get there. I just need some time. Meanwhile, remembering where we’ve been gives me hope for the future. Also, this blog is cheaper than therapy … which is $80 per session, just so you know. 

In addition, I seem to be going through an identity crisis. Thank you for reading this blog as I stumble through it. I assume it’s normal for someone who is accustomed to working in high heels and lipstick to have some trouble adjusting to looking like absolute hell all day.

Wait, hold on. Let me take a picture so you can see:

I can only hope this situation will improve as my children get older. If not, I hold tight to the notion that once ONE enters school I’ll have time to shave occasionally. This Valentine’s Day was the first one EVER that I failed to shave my legs. I’m not even sure if I showered. It was really unacceptable. And unromantic.

When life gets me down … when ONE refuses to poop for days or when he accidentally pees on his hand and then wipes it on me … when I realize we have yet another plumbing problem in our house … when I look at our bank account … these are the things that make me question what I’m doing here as a stay-at-home mom. And then this happens, and I remember. 

Just like when I forget how much I like my Husband, and then I find a picture like this, and then I remember.

As long as he keeps looking at me like that, I think we’ll be okay.

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