Never, ever would I have fancied myself to be the kind of girl who would wear cowboy boots and love them. I mean really

I come from a long line of cowboy boot-wearers. My grandpa in Alabama wore them every day to work. During my entire childhood I watched my grandma pull them off for him in the evening. He would kick back on the sofa and say in his Southern drawl, “Earline, come pull my boots off for me, honey.”  

My grandpa is the kind of man who wears a cowboy hat to the zoo and looks good doing it.

My daddy wears cowboy boots to church. He’d wear them to work, but they would get ruined. His brother, my uncle, wears cowboy boots everywhere. And about a year ago my parents bought ONE a ridiculously cute pair. I remember when he finally grew big enough to wear them. When I helped him put them on I had one of those moments that mothers of little boys have when I looked at him and imagined what he’ll look like as a big strapping man. 

I let him wear those boots everywhere. Just last night we went for a tricycle ride and he had his cowboy boots on with a sweatsuit and it was so freakin’ cute I couldn’t stand it.

A few days ago, my daddy asked me if I would like a pair of boots. I got really excited and blabbered about how cute they would be with sundresses this summer and YES, THANK YOU, I WOULD LOVE A PAIR. So we went to The Boot Store — yes, that is what it was called — and went shopping. I tried on the whole store before I settled on the Most Awesome Boots Ever.

Corral Vintage boots! They didn’t have the original box for me, but that’s okay.

My life has been forever changed. I wore them yesterday, all day long, walking around outside and my feet didn’t have a blister on them. I literally felt like I had on Nikes. It was a-maz-ing. I have been on a hunt for cute and comfortable footwear for YEARS. Here is the answer.

The boys and I are driving back home tonight and I cannot WAIT to try my boots on with everything in my closet. Yeehaw!

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