2 thoughts on “Faking Normalcy.

  1. You look wonderful! Great picture. I often feel this way anytime we are “out”–which is kind of a lot–shopping helps us to feel like we are our “old” selves. Shopping now though is more like chasing after my 2 year old to keep her from running into people or touching things because she refuses to sit in her stroller, and me– sweating like a mad woman because of all the chasing, with LOTS of cussing in my head! 🙂


  2. We go “shopping” a lot too! I like getting out of the house, and since I don't have anywhere I HAVE to be at a certain time, I find it relaxing (even with two kids). And it does make me feel normal. Being in my jammies all day and not putting on a drop of makeup makes me feel NOT NORMAL.


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