Shake It.

I just did Zumba two days in a row and now I’d like to lie down and rest for about a week, thank you.

Today I went with my friend Lesley to a different YMCA that was big and super fancy with a regimented feeling to it. We Zumba’d in a huge room that was packed full of a lot of women and one lone man. This happens to be the older gentleman who popped me with a towel that one time, and today was my lucky day because I got to shake it rightnexttohim.

It never fails that some kind of drama is going to go down if you are around a bunch of women. People who attend regularly have their certain “spot” where they like to shake it. They like to shake it near their friends (that would be me). They get annoyed if you shake it too close to them. 

I get it. I mean, I’m a little particular about certain things. But if you’re in a room packed with people and Fergalicious is blasting, there is only so much that can be done. So if you’re going to ask me to shake it a little farther away from you, strange lady in the back, at least say it with a smile. That’s what we do here in the South. 

3 thoughts on “Shake It.

  1. regimented feel gave it away 🙂
    If you love zumba, wait for aqua zumba this summer. I think it's going to be thursday nights at 7pm so you can escape and leave the kids at home!


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