3 thoughts on “Happy Freakin’ Easter.

  1. Cute Easter Bunnies! I found a great cure for eczema – Curel Anti-Itch lotion! Tried everything my pediatrician said to try for my little guy and the Curel is the only thing that worked! If TWO has it really bad, apply the Curel at every diaper change. I started nightly after bath time and in 2-3 days my son's had disappeared. Now if it flares up 1 slathering with the Curel does the trick! Hope it works for TWO!


  2. Thank you! I'll get some today! TWO has some prescription stuff for the eczema on his body, but he's never had it this bad on his face before and I'm not allowed to put the prescription cream on his face. He looks terrible!


  3. Oh I know how you feel. Jimmy's body is covered. Our ped sent us to a ped dermatoigist and today we started a round of antibiotics, our 5th steroid and new allergy medicine. It is so bad. I am going to try that Curel because i have tried everything else. Oh and we had our first bleach bath tonight.


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