Moving … With Children.

So it’s day three of packing, and we’re almost done boxing everything up. I would like to complain of being tired, but this is only the beginning of a month-long journey of tiredness so I just need to keep my mouth shut.
Our dining room has a narrow pathway through the middle of it and boxes are stacked almost to the ceiling. Husband still hasn’t fully recovered from being sick the other week so I have been drinking a lot of caffeine (my mother is shaking her head in disapproval right now) and packing like a maniac.
Now we just need someone to buy our house. Seriously.
As much as I have lamented over the lack of space and how tired I get of going up and down the stairs, I’m really going to miss our little townhome. It was the first place Husband and I bought together. This is the house we came home to after the birth of both of our children. We have had five Christmases here. It has been our home.

So while I am thrilled to start the next chapter in our lives, I have to take the time to bid this house a proper goodbye … along with all of the wonderful people we crossed paths with during our time here. We have been truly blessed. 

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