There’s No Time.

When I met Husband, he didn’t strike me as the type to do this, but he used to watch old episodes of Saved By The Bell. Not just occasionally. I mean every day.

Sometimes when I freak out, he makes reference to that episode where Jesse Spano takes too many caffeine pills and starts screaming “I’m so excited, I’m so excited, I’m so … SCARED!”

I don’t know about you, but it cracks me UP every time I think about that episode. If you haven’t seen it, I suggest you Google it immediately.  

I literally cannot remember the last time I felt so behind in every aspect of my life. Yes … I know. I just moved. I’m allowed to have a dirty house and unorganized bills. That doesn’t stop it from bothering me.

This morning I was sitting in my new living room watching the sun rise and I thought to myself, there’s never any TIME. I need about three full days by myself to work without interruption to get our lives in order. Since this isn’t going to happen, I guess I’ll just try to have our lives in order by Christmas.

2 thoughts on “There’s No Time.

  1. Dear Harmony,
    You do not know it yet, but you are my new best friend. Sadly, you have just moved away from Birmingham right as I have moved to Birmingham, so it is entirely possible that we may never meet. But with that said, I will still refer to you as my new best friend, kindred spirit, soulmate, whatever. Seriously, I just discovered your blog today and spent an inappropriate amount of time ignoring my children to read post after post. It is hilarious, well written, and sounds like it came straight from my life! Thank you for giving me an inspiring afternoon!
    – Sarah, new to Birmingham and wishing you were still here to be my new BFF 🙂


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