Massage Services.

I was trying to wait until our finances were more in order before re-joining the YMCA here in Baton Rouge, but then I had a four-night … or maybe five … I’ve lost track … span of dealing with TWO waking up every few hours crying from teething pain. During the day, ONE has been acting out a lot, probably because he’s adjusting to our new life. I’d like to go ahead and tear my hair out now, thank you.

All of my days are starting to run together and I’m finding myself thinking more and more that I should just give up on this stay-at-home business and go work somewhere far, far away from my kids. Don’t judge me. Sleep deprivation makes me a desperate person. I must get a break from the children.

So this morning, I decided to take control of my own destiny. I packed up the kids and drove to the Y to fill out the necessary paperwork. I just couldn’t take it anymore. The crying, the whining, my lack of sleep … I can’t take it. Not one more day.

I went ahead and signed Husband up, too. He needs exercise. He will probably never, ever go to the gym, but at least the opportunity is there if I offer sexual favors in exchange for him taking care of his health he changes his mind for some strange reason that I have nothing to do with.

Once I was back home and finally got the baby to sleep I was looking at the website and made a discovery that literally caused me to gasp and clap my hand over my mouth: there’s a masseuse at the gym here. 


I can literally drop off my kids, get a massage, attend an exercise class, and pick my kids up again. Although … they may not recognize their mommy when I return. It’s been a LONG time since I didn’t look a bit crazy out of the eyes. Also, it’s possible that the massage services are meant primarily for the geriatrics who are members there. Do I care? Not one bit. 


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