Motherhood is a big mishmash of highs and lows. Really highs, and really lows. I am almost four years into this and I keep working on accepting that things will never again be normal. Calm. Predictable. 

My sweet friend Anca mentioned to me that I need to find my “new normal.” She’s right, you know. It’s high time I found my new normal because what I used to believe was normal now seems a bit boring. Although I really do miss the connection I used to have with Husband, before children. Now our connection is in the form of two small people. We’re too young to throw the towel in on romance. I informed him last night when we were taking turns rocking TWO (does anyone else’s child scream like their faces are being ripped off when they are teething? ONE never did this.) that we need to work on our “spark.” I find that it’s hard to do that when children are screaming.

So that’s the low. The adjustments, the changes, the acceptance that your body and your relationships and your life will never be the same. 

Here’s the high: little 9-month-old TWO learned to pull himself to standing position yesterday. And I was here to see it.

What I found when I walked in …
TWO working his way over to me …
So proud of himself!
My sweet baby boy, who wears a size 24 months and seems insistent on growing up much too fast, will soon be walking. And then he will run. 
Just at a time when I was questioning the importance of my role here, at home with my children, this milestone slapped me in the face. I am home with them so I can see this. Cherish this. So I can teach ONE to stand back when his little brother is trying to pull himself up, and when it’s okay to step in and help him.

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