Waste of $22.

Right now we’re in a really crazy phase that is kind of like the colic phase in that I have trouble completing a thought or going to the bathroom. 

It’s called mobility.

I thought getting a baby gate would change my life because TWO is into absolutely everything since he learned how to stand up. Our house still isn’t completely babyproofed and I can’t turn my back without something happening. Of course I remember this phase with ONE, but he didn’t have an older brother trying to wrestle with him near a brick hearth. 

So today I bought a $22 baby gate and I had peace for the two minutes that it was intact and then TWO rammed into it and it came crashing down. I reached the end of my rope for the day and called my mother who suggested I put the gate back up and try to teach him not to touch it. So we’ll see how that goes. 

It’s hard to remember to cherish each day with your kids when they are running you ragged. I mean for REAL. It really makes me question myself, like am I just a weak person or are my kids just super active? And would it be wrong for me to hire part time help? Because Husband doesn’t get home until after 7 pm and by then I feel like I may die. 


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